Salami e salumi tipici siciliani

Typical Sicilian salami, lard, sausage and salami for sale online

Typical Sicilian cold cuts produced according to tradition and accuracy

Our selection of the finest Sicilian cured meats, from Salame Sant'Angelo PDO pride of Sicily to the only true Nebrodi black pig salami.

Surprise everyone at home, bringing to the table the true Sicilian excellences, produced by small companies in the Nebrodi park, only according to tradition, with attention and passion. Beware of imitations.

Create incredible cutting boards full of taste and flavors that only Sicily and its traditions can give.

Salami e salumi tipici siciliani

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Sicilian cured sausage with truffle Truffle flavored sausage - typical Sicilian salami
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Seasoned sausage with Truffle - typical Sicilian salami

Sicilian sausage seasoned with Truffle

Original Sicilian sausage, knife-tip cut and flavored with Truffle.

The King of the Undergrowth accompanies and aromatizes the already typical Sicilian Sausage produced in Sant'Angelo di Brolo, creating a riot of flavors and smells.

Excellent to combine with Aperitifs with typical cold cuts and cheeses!

Seasoning min 15 days

Pieces from 250 grams to 350 grams approximately.

€8.70 Price

EPS Isothermal Box

Choose the insulated container for your shipment of cured meats and cheeses.

Isothermal container in EPS, for a safe and ecological shipment, respecting the environment and at the same time the quality of the products.

In fact, EPS (Expanded Sintered Polystyrene), among the many properties, such as being breathable, waterproof and an excellent thermal insulator, is also 100% recyclable and completely aseptic.

€4.50 Price