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Candied Sugar

Assortment of candied sugar with citrus or spices.

Sweet candied sugar in many original versions

Delicious collection of handcrafted flavored sugar with the most celebratory flavors of Sicily, such as orange, lemon, cinnamon, mint and many other delicious flavors to give a completely new aroma to your drinks, both hot and cold. Try it with tea!

The candied sugars of Gocce di Sicilia are made with artisanal methods and with attention to the care of the products, using high quality raw materials, expertly processed to obtain an unrivaled sugar!

Candied Sugar

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Sugar flavored with orange - 200g

This sugar is a specialty of Pasticceria Giulio and once you try it, you won't be able to do without it.

Excellent ally in the kitchen, it finds space in many uses: from the making of cocktails, to the sweetening of fresh fruit-based drinks, to the preparation of new and tasty desserts.

Jar of 200 grams

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