Farine di grani antichi siciliani

Wide choice of ancient Sicilian stone-ground wheat flours

Selection of flours of ancient Sicilian stone-ground grains

The artisanal milling with natural stone allows to preserve the authentic scent of the grains of the past. In this rich assortment of Sicilian flours we find real delicacies sought after all over the world for their natural goodness and their incomparable characteristics.

Perfect for making bread, pasta, pizza and everything you love most, in a collection where tradition is fundamental.

Farine di grani antichi siciliani

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Carob Flesh Flour Carob Flesh Flour
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Carob Flesh Flour

It is obtained by grinding the pulp of the carob pods, the fruit of an evergreen plant grown throughout Sicily.

A perfect alternative to cocoa, with a decidedly sweeter taste, ideal for the preparation of desserts and desserts, as a thickener for puddings and creams, but also for special first courses.

Net weight: 200 grams.

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