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Sweet spreadables

Wide assortment of spreadable sweet Sicilian creams.

Delicious selection of spreadable sweet creams

Good to be enjoyed alone, with bread or as ingredients for your homemade desserts, the sweet creams on Gocce di Sicilia are made to guarantee the true taste of Sicilian genuineness at every spoonful.

More than 30 types of sweet creams, all delicious, from the classic pistachio cream to the most original Ruby cocoa cream and Manna cream.

Big brands like Fiasconaro, together with the masters of small Sicilian artisan pastry shops, fill this sweet selection of spreads of all tastes and colors.

Sweet spreadables

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Sweet cream spreadable with lemon 190 g

Delicious sweet lemon spreadable cream. Excellent for making incredible homemade desserts or to surprise the whole family with the original goodness of first choice ingredients.

Intriguing citrus delight, symbol of the Sicilian Sun!

Jar of 190 grams.

€6.01 Price
White Chocolate Spreadable Cream White Chocolate Spreadable Cream
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White Chocolate Spreadable Cream

White Chocolate Spreadable Cream - Delicious sweet white chocolate cream

To be enjoyed on croissants, rusks, sponge cake or soft slices of bread.

Net weight 200g.

€7.79 Regular price €8.00 Price

Sweet cream spreadable with orange 190 g

Sweet orange spreadable cream excellent to be used on many occasions such as breakfasts and snacks or even in the preparation of pies and homemade cakes.

Sublime delight with Sicilian Oranges ready to spread.

Store in the fridge after opening for a maximum of 5 days.

Jar of 190 gr.

€6.01 Price

Coffee cream spreadable 190 g

Tasty sweet coffee spreadable cream.

Coffee delight excellent for filling croissants. Thanks to the strong flavor of the coffee and its incredible velvety texture, enriched with tiny grains of ground coffee beans, this cream is ideal for tasty and energetic breakfasts and snacks.

190g jar.

€6.01 Price
Cream with hazelnut spreadable Cream with hazelnut spreadable
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Cream with hazelnut spreadable 190 g

Soft Sicilian goodness spread with Hazelnut made only with genuine Italian products!

From the dense consistency and the strong and sweet taste of hazelnuts, a unique cream is born. Nothing to do with the classic hazelnut creams that are on the market, thanks to the natural goodness of the first choice ingredients.

Jar of 190 grams.

€6.33 Price

Sweet cream spreadable with mandarin 190 g

Sweet spreadable cream with mandarin. Made only with first choice fruit, fresh and genuine ingredients, to create a cream with the true flavor of Sicilian mandarins.

Enjoy the Prince of Sicily citrus fruit in this Sublime delight, excellent for filling delicious homemade tarts and cakes.

190g pack.

€6.01 Price

Spreadable Creamy Almond Gocce di Sicilia 190 g

Delicious Sicilian Almond spread.

A fresh and particular taste to spread on bread and rusks. Try filling the empty croissants with our almond cream for a breakfast to be enjoyed, with the authentic taste of Sicily and the original goodness of almonds.

Jar of 190 grams.

€6.33 Price
Sweet cream with pistachio Sweet cream with pistachio
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Sweet cream with pistachio - 200 gramms

A cream that needs no introduction, incredibly delicious with 30% Pistachios. Unparalleled taste at a incredible price!

Very versatile in the kitchen, it lends itself perfectly to being a valuable aid in the preparation of desserts and delicious breakfasts.

Jar of 200 grams.

€7.22 Regular price €7.62 Price
Pinky Spreadable Cream Pinky Spreadable Cream
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Pinky - Spreadable Ruby cocoa beans chocolate Cream

Pinky Spreadable Cream - Delicious Ruby cocoa beans chocolate cream

Delicious and soft pink cream to be enjoyed on croissants, rusks, sponge cake or soft slices of bread.

The irresistible taste of chocolate and a color that makes the difference !!!

Net weight 200g.

€7.79 Regular price €8.00 Price

Pistachio cream with EVO oil - 3330 - Neromonte

Delicious Pistachio cream enriched by the softness of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the crunchiness of the chopped pistachios. To make it, only first choice ingredients are used, carefully processed to obtain an incomparable final product.

Excellent to spread on croutons or shortbread for a quick and delicious breakfast at the same time.

Store in a cool, dry place away from light. Once opened, store in the refrigerator.


Elegant 160 gram jar.

€13.00 Price
Sweet cream with pistachio Sweet cream with pistachio
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Sweet cream with pistachio - 90 g

Sweet Pistachio Spread!

Delicious to spread on bread, rusks or sponge cake. Produced with 30% Pistachio!

Excellent value for money !!!

Jar of 90 grams.

€4.24 Regular price €4.77 Price
My Sweet Gift Box
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My Sweet Gift Box

Gift Box My sweet.

The tasting box contain:

A sweet and gentle lemon cream, by Gocce di Sicilia - 200g,

A delicious almonds sweet cream - 190g.

A tasty hazelnuts sweet cream - 190g.

€23.59 Regular price €26.59 Price
Sicilian Brioche with “Tuppo” Sicilian Brioche with “Tuppo”
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Brioche with “Tuppo”

Delicious Sicilian brioches

From a recipe of ancient tradition, all the scent and taste of breakfast or Sicilian snack! To be enjoyed with granita or ice cream, you'll feel like you're on a nice August day sitting in a Sicilian bar!

Individually packaged in a protective atmosphere, it lasts at least 1 month from shipment. Unit weight 70g

Best before: 10/02/2023

€1.75 Regular price €1.96 Price

AMANDINO - Organic Peeled Almond Cream Damiano - 180 g

More than a cream we are faced with an all-in-one.

In fact, the Amandino peeled almond cream is excellent both for garnishing

the most imaginative desserts and for risottos, which will be whipped to perfection

and will acquire a unique flavor, and for the classic almond milk.

Jar of 180 grams.

€7.00 Price

AMANDINO - Organic Toasted Almond Cream Damiano - 180 g

For lovers of strong and decisive flavor, an excellent cream

both for spreading and for the preparation of desserts such as cakes and donuts.

Prepared with toasted almonds, without having to add anything,

thanks to the slow roasting that does not ruin the essential oils.

Jar of 180 grams.

€7.00 Price

NOCCIOLA - Organic Toasted Hazelnuts Cream Damiano - 180 g

Excellent spreadable cream of Sicilian toasted hazelnuts,

grown in the Nebrodi Park, respecting traditions and the environment.

The careful selection and careful processing guarantee this cream a unique flavor

and the opportunity to be an aid in other uses, such as ice cream

or even just to flavor your coffee breaks.

180 g jar.

€7.00 Price

Organic CHOCOBELLA NOIR with Orange Damiano - 200g

In limited edition, the new CHOCOBELLA NOIR, without milk and gluten, only toasted Italian hazelnuts and low-fat cocoa, now with the unique flavor of Sicilian oranges.

Only organic ingredients, Fairtrade certified sugar and cocoa, to create a perfect cream!

Excellent for adding an extra touch to your tastiest recipes, or simply spread on a slice of bread.

Product made without the addition of preservatives and emulsifiers: any oil separation is therefore natural, so it is recommended to always mix well before use.

Jar of 200 g.

€6.50 Price

Organic Chocobella Noir with Cinnamon Damiano - 200g

In limited edition, the new CHOCOBELLA NOIR, now with the addition of the queen of spices: Cinnamon.

With 45% of roasted Italian hazelnuts and lean cocoa and cinnamon powder, this magical cream will make your breakfasts unforgettable, with an unmistakable flavor, which you will not be able to do without.

Renew your recipes or try it even just on rusks ... you won't regret it!ì

But the Chocobella Noir with Cinnamon is not only good, but also healthy, because it is made without the addition of preservatives and emulsifiers.

Jar of 200 g.

€6.50 Price

TAHIN - Organic Cream of hulled sesame seeds Damiano - 180 g

From Middle Eastern cuisine comes the TAHIN,

an original cream that will bring the flavor of oriental dishes to your tables.

The secret of this cream is the careful choice of top quality ingredients,

which combined with careful processing guarantees TAHIN its unique flavor.

180 g jar.

€4.50 Price
ACAJOU - Organic Raw Cashew Cream ACAJOU - Organic Raw Cashew Cream
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ACAJOU - Organic Raw Cashew Cream Damiano - 180 g

Excellent spreadable cream made from 100% selected

and certified Organic cashews. All the goodness of cashews and more.

In fact, they are also a panacea for health, given the high content of useful fats

such as Omega 3, vegetable proteins, folic acid, vitamin K

and a lot of minerals such as phosphorus and magnesium.

180 g jar.

€7.00 Price

Coffee Spreadable Cream 180 g - FIASCONARO

Spreadable coffee cream, with a unique and delicious recipe, the result of a careful process of working with selected ingredients favoring the typical productions of Sicily.

The taste and aroma of quality coffee give this cream a unique, authentic and unmistakable flavor.

Prouct by Fiasconaro in Castelbuono

Jar of 180 grams.

€9.60 Price

Sicilian spreadable Almond sweet cream By Fiasconaro - 180 g

To satisfy the most refined palates, here is the Fiasconaro Sicilian Almond Cream, produced in Castelbuono by the well-known company that made Sicily famous in the world.

The careful processing and the careful selection of selected products give this cream a unique, unmistakable and authentic flavor.

Jar of 180 grams.

€9.60 Price

PEANUCI - Roasted Organic Peanuts Cream Damiano - 180 g

PEANUCI - Roasted Organic peanut cream

It is not a cream, it is not a peanut butter ... It is simply PEANUCI.

The real flavor of roasted peanuts, as nothing is added.

Zero added fats, zero sugars and zero flavors.

Only a slow processing and a careful choice of raw materials,

to make this masterpiece unique too.

180 g jar.

€4.00 Price

COURGI - Organic Pumpkin seed cream Damiano - 180 g

Neither sweet nor salty ... or both? The COURGI really pleases everyone!

With its incredible and revolutionary flavor, made with only selected

and certified organic ingredients, it is excellent for enriching both

first and second courses based on meat,

even as a dressing for your fresh summer salads.

180 g jar.

€6.00 Price