Uva Passa

Zibibbo raisins and raisin preparations

Raisins in Sicily are a bit like parsley, they are used for sweet and savory, in pasta, focaccia, with fish and meat. It is an essential food not only of the kitchen but of the uses and customs of the Sicilians. The raisins of Pantelleria have no rivals in the world, it stands out from all the others for its fleshy and sugary grains that enclose the sun and the Mediterranean sea. The grapes used are exclusively of Zibibbo grapes and when the harvest ends, they are laid out in the sun for drying.

Raisins have many beneficial properties, in fact their consumption keeps tooth decay away, contains less than 1% of fat and its potassium concentrations are far higher than fresh fruit. Also for this reason it is particularly recommended for sportsmen. Among the many properties of this small but precious fruit there are those of powerful energizer and blood pressure regulator. Rich in calcium, fiber and iron, raisins can be kept for over a year and their consumption is a real panacea for the body!

Uva Passa

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