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Peeled and toasted almond Tuono - 250 grams

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Peeled and toasted almond variety Tuono - pack of 250 grams

A unique product, known all over the world, dedicated to those looking for almonds of absolute quality.

Tasty, healthy and rich in nutrients, toasted almonds are delicious to munch on as a snack, perfect for enriching your desserts!

Pack of 250 grams.

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100% Sicilian Tuono quality almonds - 250g package of shelled and toasted almonds

Almond is a precious source of health, beauty and well-being; natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, it is an excellent supplement in diets and rich in nutrients that are important for our needs.

The almond tree during its flowering, thanks to the Sicilian temperate climate of the winter period, manages to proliferate at low altitudes. The heat of the Sicilian sun and the specificities of the soil of Avola mean that the almonds grown in this area are rich in important nutrients and with an energetic and tasty flavor.

The Tuono variety is characterized by a soft shell, a sweet and intense taste and an excellent percentage of oleic content.

Why do nutritionists recommend a daily consumption of almonds? Because numerous scientific studies show that they bring beneficial substances to our body.

Which ones in particular? Vitamin E, B2, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium, Fiber, Omega 3 and Omega 6.

What benefits do they bring? They fight free radicals and aging (Vit. E), bad cholesterol (mono and polyunsaturated fats), osteoporosis (calcium), improve mood (magnesium), physical activity (potassium), digestion ( fibers), etc.

The recommended daily amount? 20-25 grams per day.

Do almonds make you fat? Scientific studies show that, taken in moderate quantities, they do not cause an increase in body weight. Not only that: it is the dried fruit with the least calories.

Is it a suitable food for diabetics? Surely. Studies show that daily consumption of almonds or other nuts contributes to lowering blood sugar levels.

Is it also suitable for celiacs? Yes, because dried fruit does not contain gluten and is therefore a suitable food for those suffering from celiac disease.

Recommendations for use:

Very good to nibble on, alone for breakfast or as a snack, or in a rich salad.

Excellent as an ingredient for all dishes, both sweet and savory.

Often used in quality Sicilian pastry: from almond pastries, granitas, almond milk, Sicilian nougat, martorana fruit, biscuits and the finest sugared almonds.

Protagonists of Trapani pesto and Sicilian pesto, they are also perfect with meat or fish for the preparation of excellent traditional Sicilian cuisine.

Pack of 150 grams.

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Data sheet

Provincia di produzione
Avola. Siracusa.
Mandorla di Avola pizzuta 100%.
Peso Netto
250 grammi.

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