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Tabacchiera Peach liqueur from Etna- 50 cl

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Tabacchiera Peach liqueur from Etna- 50 cl

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The Etna Tabacchiera Peach is a Slow food presidium grown in very few municipalities. In the Aragona district, in Adrano it is harvested in May and the intense aroma of its pulp is preserved in this liqueur thanks to the maceration in alcohol.

Ingredients: water, agricultural alcohol, sugar, peach infusion

Any residues are obtained by infusing the fruit

50 cl. Bottle


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Etna liqueurs are produced only with fresh fruit harvested in the black lands of Etna and tell the agricultural stories of brave brokers, farmers and traders who have helped build the charm and success of the Etna terroir.

The term "tabacchiera" or "saturnina" indicates a rare variety of peaches, whose production is typical of the slopes of Etna. The name is due to the shape, flattened on both sides, which resembles that of a snuffbox or the well-known planet of the solar system. There are many peculiarities and merits of this fruit, unfortunately of limited diffusion. It is a medium-small peach with a very sweet and soft white pulp. The characteristic features are the very small stone - more than that of an apricot - and the intense aroma typical of freshly picked and untreated fruits.

After the careful selection of the best fruit, a slow double maceration follows, just as per tradition, always with the same care and passion. In this way, unique and perfect liqueurs are obtained for every occasion, to be enjoyed frozen and in company.

Ingredients: water, agricultural alcohol, sugar, peach infusion.

Any residues are obtained by infusing the fruit.

50 cl. Bottle


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Provincia di produzione
Zona di produzione:
Contrada Melia
Grado alcolico %
30% vol.
50 cl.
Water, agricultural alcohol, sugar, Tabacchiera peach infusion.

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