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Organic Sicilian Orange

Gocce di Sicilia

Organic Sicilian Orange - 5 Kg pack

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Top quality Sicilian organic oranges.

Carefully selected and grown only with organic products and methods to guarantee you a good and genuine product as only Sicily can do.

These oranges are hand-picked on an estate in the Sicilian province.

Pack of 5 Kg.


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These oranges are hand-picked in Sicily and grown according to the rules of Nature and Organic, in various orange groves in the province of Catania, Syracuse and Messina.

The oranges of Sicily are blond pulp oranges. It is a fruit characterized by a very late ripening phase, since it occurs in Spring between the months of March and April and the fruits can resist on the branches even until the month of June.

We remind you that our citrus fruits are not treated with any type of chemical product. The peel is totally edible!

They are grown with certified organic method and are characterized by a light color, a natural shine and a rather thin skin.

Usage tips:

Good for table consumption, as fruit after meals.

Exceptional for juices, thanks to their naturally juicy pulp.

Finally, they are also widely used in cooking, try them in salads with fennel, salt, extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of pepper (those who love them can also add a couple of salted anchovies to the salad).

5 kg pack.


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5 kg.

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