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Syracuse Moscato wine DOC - Aulòs

Gocce di Sicilia

Syracuse Moscato wine DOC - Aulòs

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Syracuse Muscat wine Aulòs D.O.C.


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Syracuse Muscat wine Aulòs D.O.C.

Color: golden yellow more or less intense amber;
Odour: characteristic, fragrant muscat;
Taste: characteristic from dry to sweet;
Grade: Minimum total alcoholic strength by volume: 11.50% Vol (at least 9.50% Vol held for the sweet type)
Acidity: minimum total acidity 4.5 g / l;
Extract: dry extract at least 16 g / l.

Visual test: Clear, bright, crystal, golden, lightly amber coloured.

Olfactory test:
 Fresh, fine and delicate scent, expresses the characteristic muscat aroma, together with sweet flowery scent of orange blossom and jasmine with a final touch of honey.

Gustative test:
 Direct, harmonious, pleasant, with a strong alcholic strenght and a right amount of sugar left so as, none is more than the other. The taste of orange-blossom honey and the date come out with delicacy together with other essences on the pleasant taste typical of muscat wine. Well structured, it is an invitation to drink, to go over again  these sweet sensations.

Aging: The young muscat wine, dessert wine, has a predominant freshness of the nose and drink, and over the years developed a complexity of aromas and flavors that promote a great sipping wine.

It is a white, aromatic, sweet dessert wine, to drink preferably fresh, at around the 10°¸s12°Cs.

 :It goes well not only with Sicilian pastriers, but with all the most important and distinctive sweets.
It is also a wonderful "marriage" with strong soft cheese like "gorgonzola" and so that, or with strong seasoned cheese like "pecorino" ,"caciocavallo" etc…

0.5 liter bottle.

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Data sheet

Moscato bianco.
Prodotto biologico
Provincia di produzione
Zona di produzione:
Tipo di vino:
Vino Dolce.
Siracusa Moscato Doc
Grado alcolico %
14,5% in Vol.
50 cl.
Golden yellow more or less intense amber.
Characteristic, fragrant muscat.

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